Establishment of Jamiat Ulama-e-Nepal

Establishment of Jamiat Ulama-e-Nepal

Jamiat Ulama-e-Nepal Establishment

Muslims have their long history in Nepal. An armed movement by Prithwi Narayan Shah to bring together  the separate parts of Nepal, contributed by Muslims. Later Muslim showed a positive role in development of the country being loyal and abiding citizens.

Nepalese citizens fought for long to gain democracy exiling kingdom. But when constitution was drafted, the Muslim community was neglected badly even they weren’t mentioned, let alone to take any guarantee of rights. On the other side, Muslim leaders were seen bifacial and todayist without clear vision regarding the community.

In this critical situation where the community is helpless by the government and its leaders, some Ulama with nerves and guts established an organization called “Jamiat ulama-e-Nepal” on 15 August 2006 which aimed at peaceful coexistence with safeguard of Islamic tenets and believe being loyal and abiding citizens for the country, uprooting all classes, racial and religious differences, focusing on progress and development, for this grandeur purposes Jamiat came into existence.

Maulana Abdul Azeez Siddiqui Saheb was elected as the president and Khalid Siddiqui as general secretary of Jamiat ulama-e-Nepal.


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