A cursary glance on our Events

  1. Safeguard of Islamic believes

The most precious asset for a Muslim, is Iman and its believes as it is basement for rest of tenets and actions.  If somebody is failed to preserve it as if he lost the straight path of Islam.

Regret to say that in Nepal many organizations and activists those are misleading the gullible-hearted people from Qadyani sect, are believe hackers and Iman attackers.

It was high time for Jamiat to stand for chastisement of this sect so that we could preserve them from this Fitnah. Jamiat compiled many books and led many conferences and programs describing the actual condition and current Qadyani efforts to snatch the iman of Muslim brothers

  1. Philanthropism

Jamiat Ulama-e-Nepal always tackling the catastrophic situation either heavenly or earthly or unexpected conditions and situations suffered by countrymen brethrens regardless of their race, schools, even religion on the basement of humanitarianism. According to Hadith

الخلق عیال اللہ فی الارض  The whole creation is family of Allah on this earth and the most loved among all human beings is the one who benefits His creation most.

A horrible event of wildfire that broke out in Sirha district consuming nine hundred houses which left dozens of people homeless. Few of them were Muslims and 94% belonged to Hindu community. Jamiat supported the victims irrespectively; and got them basic needs such as clothes, grains and money equaling 1.5 million rupees.

A dreadful scenario was seen when Koshi river barrage fell apart thousands of basin livers ‘re drowned and houses were overflowed. In this helpless condition Jamiat got them relief thrice. Complete cooperation and  harmony was shown regarding Koshi flood victims with no discrimination of any community. Needs of needy ‘re fulfilled regardless of their religion and schools.

  1. Communal riot and compensation to the victims

It was Eid celebration which witnessed a communal disturbance that left stigma on the democracy of Nepal. Many elements attacked on Muslim population of Sarsar village and took away their belongings making hustle bustle and burning the home.

It was due to negligence of administration, later disturbance was overcame by influential personalities of region.  Jamiat members  played their best role. As it provided the very needs to the villagers from tip to top.

Sarsar event later, Mathiya from Rautahat saw a wear and tear. Whole region was spilt over by communal disturbance. Jamiat members dealt the condition with tremendous wisdom and thinking. Got the relief to the victims as it can.

  1. Striving for the Muslim rights

From the very first, Jamiat aimed to preserve and strive for the Muslim rights. It had dialogue time to time on certain demands with politicians such as Ram Chandar podel, Ram Chandar Yadaw and Gaya Nandur Bahadur. We can claim it was the first time where Muslim Ulama demanded for their rights as a community.

Sometimes we adopted a democracy way for this porpose such as protests, raising voice against government. Here we can say that our community has gained registered as an Ummah in the country.

  1. Programs and Delegation

Jamiat conducts time and again several programs to create social and political awareness with propagation and reformation works and for Muslim rights as well.

50 thousands public gathered in Rice Meel of Gaur to support our cause. Similarly Jamiat had many conferences and programs on the similar topics in Kathmandu, Biratnagar and Sirha. You may observe series of efforts and struggle done by Jamiat which indicates that it is not neglectful of its responsibilities.

Of the delegation, we have deep connection with Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind. Many a times the vice president of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind visited us and we took advantage of his blessed arrival. Mufti Jafar, caliphate of Hakim Akhter, Dr. Mustufa Nuruddin visited soon.

Further our delegation approached to Delhi on the invitation of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind and delivered speech in Ram leela ground.


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