jamiat’s introduction

jamiat’s introduction

Jamiat Ulama-e- Nepal

A brief introduction and appeal


With the name of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful


Having observed the conditions and background of Nepal, there was an urgent need of an active, strong, Islamic and social welfare national organization which will be strongly connected with public under the valuable figures of Ulama, intellectuals and philanthropists and that can represent the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat as well.

It is pleasure to say this need was fulfilled with the foundation of Jamiat Ulama-e-Nepal. Brief summary of purposes and aims which mentioned in Jamiat preamble while submitted to Naplease government, is given here that can help you to understand the Jamiat’s works and can elaborate need of your assistance for stability and firmness of the Jamiat organization


Aims & purposes

  1. Nepal is multi-religious, multi-linguistic and multi-cultural country. So harmony and co-existence is key point of interest for all .Jamiat aims at creating love and harmony among the peoples of every religion, cast, class and various cultures and tradition.
  2. To protect the Muslims’ mosques, educational and spiritual places, grave yards and other Islamic assets as well as to provide them legal security and to make continuous efforts for the religious, social, financial, economical and other rights of Muslims.
  3. To conduct programs to reform Muslim religiously, educationally and economically if it is required.
  4. To equip the Muslims students with Islamic assets and arts of modern era so that they could be independent.
  5. To provide scholarship for poor, needy and orphan students.
  6. To establish a balanced authorized Madarsa Board, accepted for all school of thoughts
  7. To encourage the personalities who are carrying out the tremendous services at various fields for the sake of country and nation through rewards, elaborating certificates or proposals.
  8. To issue a quarterly magazine to create awareness among Muslims religiously, socially and politically along with conducting national and international seminars, conference and programs.
  9. To arrange the cleanliness, planting , hand pipe and pond etc. to secure the environment from pollution by the experts’ suggestions and to dam and purify the rivers and channels.
  10. To eradicate the corruptions from Muslims society.
  11. To hold programs of blood donation for needy people.
  12. To make efforts for ensuring Muslims’ rights and roles in new organization, funds and resources of the country.
  13. To organize the health camp with the help of national and international organizations and create awareness about health arranging ambulance.
  14. To abolish the stray sects and their theories and to protect the Islamic tenets and believes



Muslim Brothers,

Jamiat Ulama-e-Nepal tries its best to gain these mentioned purposes from beginning of its foundation. It is not hidden anymore that Jamiat holds conventions, press conferences, meetings, memorandums and protests to guide Muslim Ummah and raise its voice to the government.

With gratitude of Almighty Allah, Jamiat opened its central office in the Nepal capital, Kathmandu  where it carries out its all responsibilities.

It is known to all of you that these highly profile aims and purposes can not be gained without sources. So every individual of this ummah is requested for complete support and assistance of Jamiat causes.

Wassalam and Regards,

Executive Office

Jamiat Ulama-e-Nepal


You may transfer your donation on Jamiat account

ACC NO:    113000335801
swift code: RBBANPKA







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