Aim & Objectives

  1. It will work for the preservation of the Islamic culture and tradition among the Muslim Community as well as work for the preservation of religious places and sites of the Muslim Community.
  2. It will make efforts in order to achieve equal religious and civil rights as granted to the other communities of the country and uplift the religious, educational, cultural, social and traditional practices of the Muslim Community.
  3. To promote modern education along with religious education as per demands of time
  4. To manage Islamic trust for the protection of the properties of the community.
  5. To make efforts for the representation of the Muslim in the governmental organizations of the country and make an appeal to constitute the commission for Minority Muslim Community.
  6. To make efforts to get Madrasa Board constituted and to look after all the educational institutions under that board.
  7. To construct new mosques and look after the presevation and/or reconstruction of the religious places of Muslim in the country.
  8. To arrange full or partial scholarship to poor, needy and orphans boys and girls of the Muslim Community in the field of Education .
  9. To maintain the peace, harmony and brotherly environment among the Muslims of the country.
  10. To make arrangements for publication of News papers & Magazines in Urdu language.