Our Deeds

All praises to Allah (Azzawwajal). This organization has provided various valuable services to the Muslim community of Nepal within a very short period from its establishment till date. It has held big conferences on national level, gatherings and demonstrations, press conferences with the authorities of Government and with the politicians in order to fullfill the legal demands of the Muslim Community. This organization tries to remind to the Government and citizens the equal right of Muslim citizens and the problems and obstacles faced by the Muslim community through such activities. And many times Jamiat Uluma-e-Nepal has succeeded by the will of Allah.


Without doubt, we are not able to make substantial progress in achieving many of the objectives mentioned in the connstitution of Jamiat Uluma-e-Nepal. The main reason is the financial constraints and limitation of financial resources. Therefore, this organization makes heartly appeal to all the Muslim Ummah for their financial support and help to make this organization more and more service oriented and strive for the Muslim Community of Nepal.


May Allah give you best rewards.

Jamiat Uluma-e-Nepal Team